About us

We are a community based co-operative business. We actively promote more local ownership of renewable energy creating benefits for the local community

Our aims

To substitute our reliance on imported and non-renewable energy with locally sourced and owned energy while educating and assisting ourselves and the wider community on how to reduce energy wastage as we seek to fulfil the vision of a 100% renewable energy Kerry by 2030


  • To increase energy security of energy supply to members
  • A reduction in fuel poverty
  • Education on fuel poverty

Our objectives

  • Local production of clean energy
  • Local retailing of clean energy
  • Developing local business based on clean energy utilising both local and national expertise
  • Developing Kerry as a prime location for the testing of new sustainable energy technology prototypes
  • Increase awareness in citizens and communities about the need for and benefits of renewable energy
  • To engage with other co-operatives to improve regulative and legislative barriers to developing local energy co-ops

2020 Board Members

Barry Clarke (Chair)
Sylvia Thompson (Secretary)
Anne-Marie Fuller
Gerry Cunnane
Annicka Wann (Bookkeeper)
Tim Leahy
CatrĂ­ona Fallon


What are the benefits of creating an energy co-op?

  • Part of the revenue is naturally re-invested in the local economy through members’ spending on the local goods and services
  • Generate revenue for the members and/or reduce energy expenditure. The co-op can decide to reinvest some of its profit into projects benefitting the wider community
  • The co-op strives to use local materials and equipment and contractors to implement their projects generating local employment
  • As the co-op grows it will be able to employ people to operate the business and manage its projects

Mission Statement

Our mission is to enable local communities in Kerry to become more resilient and self-reliant by developing and supporting strategies and practical initiatives that replace dependence on fossil fuels by sustainable renewable and economic alternatives.

We’re open to all residents of Kerry