Locally sourced firewood

Our members can buy locally produced firewood, and delivered to your home for free within a 30km radius of Tralee (extra charge for deliveries outside this area). We supply good quality softwood and hardwood, sustainably grown and seasoned in Kerry.

The wood is delivered in 1 tonne bags, each bag holding roughly 200kg wood.

Buying firewood from us supports local jobs, and every 1000 tonnes keeps €250,000 in the local economy (compared to €15,000 for oil).


(including VAT at 13.5% and delivery)

  • Softwood – €80 for single bag, €75 for 2 or more bags
  • Hardwood – €90 for single bag, €85 for 2 or more bags

Payment is required at time of order via bank transfer (details available on request) or by cheque/postal order in the post.

Note: KSEC and our suppliers are seeking to reduce our carbon footprint. We encourage customers with limited storage to combine their orders with neighbours so that two or three bags can be delivered to the same area in one load.

    Order locally sourced firewood

    If you would like to know more about ordering wood from us you can contact us on: