Kerry Sustainable Energy Co-Operative

A community based Co-Op actively promoting and supporting more local ownership of renewable energy, creating benefits for the local community

Our Aims

• To substitute our reliance on imported and non-renewable energy with locally sourced and owned energy
• To increase security of energy supply to members
• To reduce fuel poverty
• To educate on energy efficiency.

Wood Purchase Scheme

We offer our members the opportunity to purchase good quality locally produced seasoned firewood


We work with local communities to apply for Better Energy Community (BEC) grants to help them save energy, save money, warm homes and create local jobs
Solar PV Scheme installed on roof with KSEC - Kerry Energy Co-operative

Other KSEC Projects...

Funded by LEADER, we are running a series of information sessions and workshops on how to reduce your energy costs…

Latest Events

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Kerry’s Sustainable Energy Community Roadmap

By 2030,the county will be capable of becoming energy self sufficient on the basis of its own renewable energy resources. Households, businesses and industry in larger towns will be supplied renewable heat via district heating systems harnessing heat from wood-fired power stations, industrial processes and large solar arrays. Rural dwellers will have switched to heat pumps and solar heating systems, supplemented with wood stoves. In terms of electricity supply, wind energy will cover up to 45% of total energy requirements of the county. Solar power will also play a significant role in the electricity mix

Million Kerry Annual Energy Expenditure

Per Capita Annual Kerry Energy Expenditure


Oil as a percentage of Fuel type

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