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Killorglin Energy Masterplan

Kerry Sustainable Energy Co Op and ORS are carrying out a project, funded by the SEAI, to evaluate the energy usage of the Killorglin area and the potential opportunities for homes, farms, community and business properties to increase their energy efficiency and reduce their carbon emissions

This project is funded by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI). It is hoped that through this project, some property owners may decide to apply for grant funding from SEAI to aid towards the cost of improving the thermal comfort, energy costs and carbon emissions of their property.

A public event was held in Killorglin in February 2020 in the CYMS Hall.  At the event, ORS presented their findings on the research to date and audience members were invited to complete an energy survey which would help to evaluate and better understand the energy usage in the area and based on this information create a register of potential opportunities. 

If you live in Killorglin and you can complete the survey here.

Wood Purchase Project

We offer our members the opportunity to purchase locally produced firewood, and delivered to your home within a 30km radius of Tralee (extra charge for deliveries outside this area). We supply good quality softwood and hardwood, which is sustainably grown and seasoned in Kerry.

The wood is delivered in 1 tonne bags, each bag holding roughly 200kg wood.

Prices (including VAT at 13.5{aed7e7fdf2dc865c77cd02dc47471e56864bcd3e86d487743c1ea5b35da05505} and delivery)

  • Softwood – €70 for single bag, €65 for 2 or more bags
  • Hardwood – €90 for single bag, €85 for 2 or more bags

Prices as of 28 September 2022.

Payment is required at time of order via bank transfer (details available on request) or by cheque/postal order in the post.

Benefits of ordering wood through us

  • Locally produced firewood supports local jobs
  • Every 1000 tonnes of firewood keeps €250,000 in the local economy
  • Whereas the same usage of oil only keeps €15,000 – €20,000

Note: KSEC and our suppliers are seeking to reduce our carbon footprint. We are encouraging customers with limited storage to talk to neighbours and combine their orders so that two or three bags can be delivered to the same area in one load.

Click here to order your firewood

Energy Saving Information Sessions

Part of the vision for KSEC is to support communities and individuals in becoming more energy efficient and reducing their energy costs.

Allied to that aim, is our goal to reduce the carbon footprint of the energy we do use, shifting towards more sustainable energy sources.  Funded by LEADER, this project will deliver a series of information sessions, workshop and energy audits of homes and businesses for communities throughout Kerry.  Delivered by an experienced facilitator, these sessions will be an invaluable help to anyone aiming to become more energy efficient.  The delivery of the sessions is currently paused due to the restrictions imposed by the COVID 19 pandemic.  Once the restrictions lift, the delivery will recommence.  Events will be scheduled in nine locations throughout Kerry and will be widely advertised both in local press and online.

Community Energy Grants 2020

The Better Energy Communities (BEC) grant scheme is now replaced by the Community Energy Grants. It is run by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) to promote and support communities around the country to become more energy efficient, reduce their energy bills, have warmer homes and create more local jobs.

KSEC has been collaborating with Kingdom Installation in assisting co-op members who are considering a retrofit upgrade to their homes or Community/Business Buildings, through the Community Energy Grant.  This initiative will continue in 2020. Submissions are open all year round.  The KSEC submission is open to all members of the Co-Op who wish to retrofit or upgrade their properties with energy saving measures.


Get in touch about being involved in CEG'20 project

Energy Monitors and Moisture Meters

KSEC has made energy monitors and moisture meters available to borrow by the general public from Tralee and Killorglin libraries and through the inter-library service. All you need to borrow them is be a member of the library.

Moisture meters are used to measure the percentage of water in a given substance. It is a simple and effective way to check the moisture content for your firewood. The less moisture that is in your wood, the more efficiently it will burn and there will be less cleaning for your chimney and stove also. It is recommended that it should be below 18{aed7e7fdf2dc865c77cd02dc47471e56864bcd3e86d487743c1ea5b35da05505} for burning in your stove/fire.

Energy meters can be used to accurately measure the energy consumption of any electrical appliance. You can then identify what appliances are high energy use and make the necessary energy savings by limiting consumption.

Staff and display in Killarney library                          Display of meters in Tralee Library

SEAI Sustainable Energy Community Network

KSEC is a member of the SEAI Sustainable Energy Community (SEC) Network and we are pleased to have been admitted to their mentoring programme. As part of this process we will be developing an Energy Charter followed by a Work Plan and an Energy Master Plan

Click here to learn more about SEC

Information Evenings Autumn 2017

KSEC is holding information evenings in Tralee (sept) Killorglin (oct) Dingle (nov). These will focus on grants available for renewable energy projects for domestic, farm, community and business properties. See news and events page for more details.

Proposed Future Projects

  1. Development of KSEC as an Energy Supply Company (ESCO)
  2. District Heating Systems
  3. Energy Allotments
  4. Collaboration with local businesses/ITT and Kerry County Council
  5. Energy credit collection for energy upgrades

Click here to get in touch is you have any potential project ideas you would like us to get involved with